Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

“London, London” video by Cibelle feat. Devendra Banhart


Cibelle & Devendra in Victorian garb dance on the roofs in this Mary Poppins-like illustration of the Caetano Veloso classic (as performed on Cibelle’s album “The Shine Of Dried Electric Leaves”) Directed by Tom Haines.


22 Responses to ““London, London” video by Cibelle feat. Devendra Banhart”
  1. NMWMN says:

    beautiful… the British are the finest people in the world… or at least they were!

  2. NMWMN says:


  3. tiagosbm says:

    Devendra > Cibele. Muito mais.

  4. JagopersonOfficial says:

    wtf is this?!

  5. ebony123day says:

    i love it

  6. Danutsa18 says:

    20 days till i see London..

  7. kwrvf says:

    i love devendra banhart :)

  8. allancorebaralho says:

    Sacaneou o Caetano uhauauaha

  9. Roktronweb says:

    So sweet…..i love it…

  10. terisavosburgmdk says:

    Make your order now ****

  11. danizurc says:

    Muito bonitinho…

  12. alecsslz says:

    warning: this is NOT is simply samba.

    Cartola era bossa-nova porque cantava baixinho? Ah, tá!

  13. ericfgsaobernardo says:

    esse clipe é muito bem bolado!!!!

  14. tashasgift says:

    Now this is one of his best work.

  15. rafaelmadferit says:

    “Green grass, blue eyes, grey skies, God bless silent pain and happiness” – England seen by a Brazilian (not any Brazilian, a fuckin’ genius and legend, Caetano Veloso)

  16. goodtolove4000 says:

    We give you best naughty ladies

  17. TheHadshot says:

    It’s bossa !

  18. clarksonSarah68 says:

    Annie……it’s definatly not as acceptable for older girls to meet younger guys in the UK as in the US – i actually do it online

    - I think soon we’ll catch up with the US, i hope

  19. RealAnaSemSobrenome says:

    a soft song… lovely

  20. luizsammartano says:

    Cibelle (and Devendra Banhart) cross the streets of London without fear…

  21. Nickoles2 says:

    It miss the emotional touch of Caetano Veloso…

    This song was written by Caetano while he was in his exile in London, due to the Military Dictactorship in Brazil. You can notice explicit, thoug subtle, references about that in the song.

    The part about “while my eyes goo looking for flying saucers in the sky” is a reference to the habit of the military junta of using supposed UFO in news as a way of distracting Brazilians of what was going on, while they kept torturing people in secret.

  22. HerrDamaso says:

    its not fuckin mpb… its not even sung in portuguese… its bossa though

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