Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Carpet Cleaner In London – Find out What Steam Cleaning Can Do for Your Carpet


No matter how often you run the vacuum cleaner over your carpet it will never lift up all the dirt, and that is why you need to use the services of a carpet cleaner in London. There is a big difference between vacuuming and steam cleaning. One cleans the surface while the other reaches deep down into the fibers and releases the dirt.

If you haven’t had your carpet professionally cleaned by a carpet cleaner in London within the last year you can bet that there are oils, dirt, mites and several other allergens living under the surface of your carpet. You should have your carpets cleaned minimally once per year and more if you can afford it.

How steam cleaning works

Special machinery is used to create extremely hot water that soaks right into the fabric of the carpet to bring out the dirt that is stuck inside the fibers. Only a small amount of water is absorbed by the fibers when the ‘steam’ is distributed. It is enough water, however, to gently pull apart the fibers and allow the dirt to be lifted up.

The steam and heat provided breaks down any bond that exists between the fibers and the dirt. This dirt is then easily absorbed into the water and sucked out of the carpet. Steam can get into small holes easier then water can to release any hidden dirt.


Do to the high heat, your carpet will be sanitized, since the hot temperature will kill bacteria and germs that are lying deep inside your carpet. It also attacks mold and mites and gets rid of any odors they are causing.

Steam cleaning works best for people that are sensitive to chemical solutions and want an all-natural cleaning for their carpets. If you are interested in getting your carpet steam cleaned you can call up your carpet cleaner in London to find out if it will work well on your carpet. It is the easiest and most natural solution for carpet cleaning in most cases.

Carpeting can cost a fortune and if you want to lengthen the life of your carpet you should schedule yearly maintenance for it. Steam cleaning by a carpet cleaner in London can add years of life to any carpet.

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