Thursday, April 12th, 2012

How to Recycle Your Old Carpet


Have you ever thought about what happens to the carpets that are taken out from your homes? Thousand tones of carpets are buried every year in the landfills because disposing of carpets is still a long challenge. Synthetic carpets don’t decompose, even after placing it in the landfills. Though the wool carpets decompose under anaerobic settings but create a strong greenhouse gas, methane that’s not good for the environment.

Now the good thing is, all manufacturers, sellers, and users are looking for ways to distract carpet from the landfills. New ideas to recycle the carpets are being developed to help the planet. So there is nothing to be worried about your old carpet when you replaced it with a new one. Your house clearance professionals London can make it easier for you too.

Recycling products are the best way to reduce the bad impact on the environment. Recycling is the process of producing a new product from an old product that has served its purpose or reached end-of-life. If the old products are re-used in a new way, then the waste has been reduced as well as the energy use has likely been compacted.

Over the past few years, carpet industries have been working on the systems of re-using or recycling the old carpets. Carpets are recyclable; any leading house clearance service can help you to dispose of your old carpets either re-use it or recycle it.

Now what to do with your old carpets Sell it: If your carpet is in a good condition, you can make some money by selling it. You can sell it online or put an advert on your community bulletin board or can contact with a house clearance service.

Donate it: Search for someone among your family and friends first, who might need a piece of carpet. You can pass it on free online; there are a big number of websites devoted to this, find them by googling. You can donate it to a charity or a re-use company; they will collect the old carpet from your home.

If not re-usable: You can contact with the local gardening company, they use old carpet to insulate composting loads or to keep weeds under control on the garden plots.

If it served well: If your carpet is not re-usable, you need to dispose of it properly. Find a house clearance service in your area or check if the local authority offers an old product collection service.

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